Oriental Wedding Icon Meanings

If you’re preparing an Asian wedding, there are many beautiful and meaningful traditions to incorporate. From the groom leading a procession with firecrackers and gongs to “collect” his woman, to having each of her members of the family help comb her hair prior to she guides down the aisle, to the dragon and phoenix significance on the mandap ~ there are so many beautiful ways that you may celebrate and honor your customs in style!

One of well known Chinese wedding symbols certainly is the double joy, or (shuáng xi). This is a trendy design that can be found about any number of points for a wedding, from wall membrane hangings and accents asian mail order brides to gift items and stationery. All of us love the concept of incorporating this kind of in your own specialized way by including our double enjoyment to your themed invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes.

Another great way to include the twice happiness https://open.spotify.com/album/7CfkpGrllxZcSerKKA9ORF is by aquiring a traditional tea ceremony. In this, the couple might respectfully deliver tea with each of their members of your family and parents. They’ll start out with the grandma and grandpa and great-grandparents, moving on to aunts and uncles and ending using their unmarried friends, siblings and children.


During this ceremony, the couple will also present jujube (red dates) and nuts. These are synonymous with fortune and health. The phrase jujube tones similar to the word meant for “early” in Chinese, and so the family expectations the couple will have a beginning daughter! After the tea wedding, the newlyweds will begin their banquet. This can be typically a few hours long and includes multiple courses, every with its personal symbolic meaning. A few must-haves incorporate fish addressing abundance, a dish with weanling pig with respect to purity, and green desserts for male fertility.

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